Aimélie originated from my two children Aimée and Zélie. Because of them I realised that I really wanted flowers that always remain. Having two little children took up all my time and I was too busy to deal with fresh flowers ;). But I just wanted to be able to enjoy a beautiful bouquet.

Flowers that you do not have to take care of, but only have to put in a vase once. I needed flowers to brighten up my home and last for years.. I was looking for this when I first had children. I like colour in my house and flowers. But with a beautiful fresh cut bouquet it is always such a shame to have to throw them away after a week or a little longer. And with children you just have a little less time to maintain those fresh flowers.

Aimée and Zélie have therefore been my sources of inspiration to look for sustainable flowers. A bouquet that always makes us happy, even after we have been on holiday for three weeks. Dried flowers are the answer! So now you can find them here, at Aimélie. Create beautiful places in your house, don't forget your bathroom and toilet. Because these flowers no longer need light, but they need a place to shine.